Payment Information

In our online shop you can use the following payment functions. Depending on the country, these are more or less available.

Subscriptions payments are only possible via Paypal or credit card!

Express checkout:
ShopPay, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay
(Shipping takes place after payment confirmation from the providers)

Credit card :
VISA, Master, Maestro, AMEX
(Shipped within 2 working days)

(Shipped within 2 working days)

Klarna :
Invoice, Pay Immediately or Later
(Shipping is after confirmation from Klarna)

Amazon Pay
(Shipped within 2 working days)

Immediate transfer
A SEPA direct debit mandate is triggered here. This function can take 2-14 working days. We will only send your goods when the payment is received in full.

(Shipped within 2 working days)

Gift card/discount code
(Shipped within 2 working days)


If you click to checkout, you will find more payment options if you Fill out contact information . After calculating the shipping, you will see possible payment methods in your country.

Do you want the "Express Checkout" You will be referred to the payment page of the external provider (PayPal, Appel Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.) forwarded. Here we, as a company, cannot make changes to anyone.

If there is no connection to this provider, write us a chat message. We will be happy to help you.

Alternatively, please use our internal payment connection by providing your contact information.