Private label / contract manufacturing information

For your brand.

Create your own nail design brand with the products of Doriana Cosmetics GmbH from a purchase of 500 € plus VAT shipping possible.

Simple & fast:
White Label, Means you get the product in our packaging, with Your logo , But we are named as a manufacturer on the label, so the product is already registered. Such as: "Driven by (your name), person responsible KVO Doriana Cosmetics GmbH- " Minimum acceptance: 50 pieces per variety and color.

For everyone who wants MORE:
Private label, You will receive the product, ready-filled in your desired packaging Without label . Thus, you have to label and register the product yourself. We are not listed as manufacturer & are not responsible person. Doriana Cosmetics GmbH is a contract manufacturer. We will do the labeling for an extra charge.

Minimum acceptance:

Jeh according to product 50 - 350 pieces/variety and color.

Bulk Ware, to fill yourself. At the customer's request, we offer products from a container of 0.25 liters, 0.5 liters, 1 liter. Minimum purchase: € 500 net. This is the popular form of acceptance with us. It is also the cost-effective way for you to create your own brand.

All products can be individually modified on request. In addition, you have to carry out a separate safety assessment for individual products in the contract production. For this purpose, we send you the technical data of the product.

Would you like to create your own product that we do not have in our portfolio?
For a flat rate of € 900, we arrange a product development and safety assessment. Send an email to:

See you soon,
Yours, Dori and the Doriana Cosmetics GmbH team
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