Become a reseller

Become a Reseller/Reseller
By Doriana Cosmetics GmbH Products

No matter how or where.

As a so-called mini store, in your nail salon, in your online shop, as a dropshipping (separate route business contract required) In your beauty shop or drugstore.

You can From a purchase of 1 product will be reseller if you purchase our products via the wholesale pallet forms Faire, Ankorstore and Orderchamp. The links and information about the platforms can be found below. Please contact us before you shop there so that we can make you a good offer.

Get up to 50% trading margin , If you order directly from us.
Also on products that are not available or sold out on the platforms.

Condition for your high trading range:

  • Order by email or directly in the online shop
  • At least purchase volume: 5 products per item/size and color
  • At least shopping value: € 300 net

Registering : Uploaded your trade certificate with the term "trade" in the shop for profile information (Step 2 of 3) and a Send email to send with the subject “RESELLER” Where and why you want to sell our products.

We look forward to your email.

Your Doriana Cosmetics Team

    Relay discount in the online shop:

    The following discounts on the prices mentioned apply to stock goods:

    < 100 € Plus shipping
    From 80 € We deliver to Germany free of charge
    From 300 € Less 20% off
    From 600 € Minus 25% discount
    From 900 € Minus 30% discount
    From € 3,000 Less 35% off




    Via the wholesale platform


    Sure you 150 Shopping voucher with the code: LIFT-UX3USRJV

    Advantage : Flexible payment options up to 60 days deferred.


    Via the wholesale platform

    FA IRE :

    We will give you 150 € discount * + 1 year free shipping (worldwide) and the possibility to settle your bill only 60 days later if you are using the wholesale platform directly Fair Order.

    Thank you for being interested in offering and using our products! We partner with Faire, an online wholesale platform that simplifies wholesale orders.

    Would you like to include Doriana Cosmetics GmbH products in your sales range?

    Buy directly over FAIRE Our inventory products. Just click here.

    As a reseller, you can enter our Location Database And are therefore found more quickly for end users of our products. The Location Database Is updated with each order by you and shows which products you have from us on site or. resell.
    Write us an email today at (send us your business license or VAT ID. With) and become part of the Doriana Cosmetics GmbH Business Family.

    See you soon,
    Please note: You cannot be a studio customer, brand ambassador and reseller at the same time.

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