Sell our products


Are you self-employed or do you want to become one and would like to start selling manicures, pedicures and caring natural cosmetics?

Nail design with passion is our motto. We at Doriana Cosmetics are at your side as a reliable partner with quality and constantly expanding product range.

As an official dealer of Doriana Cosmetics you get Up to 50% Trading margin on UV gels, nourishing cosmetics and additives.
You can find more about becoming a dealer here.

Do you prefer to fill yourself and sell in your own name?
As a white label or contract manufacturer, Doriana Cosmetics can produce UV gels for you from 250 ml. Further additional items are possible to purchase with your own logo. This allows you to develop and represent your own brand.

You want to know more about White Label and Private Label?
Then send us an email Or stop by here.