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Now NEW: About the wholesale platform


Sure you € 300 Shopping voucher with the code: LIFT-UX3USRJV

Advantage : Flexible payment options up to 60 days deferred.


Via the wholesale platform

FA IRE : *

We will give you 100/200/300 € discount * + 1 year free shipping (worldwide) and the possibility to settle your bill only 60 days later if you are using the wholesale platform directly Fair Order.

Thank you for being interested in offering and using our products! We partner with Faire, an online wholesale platform that simplifies wholesale orders.

*The promotion runs until May 31. October 2022.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you with the verification process.

IMPORTANT at FAIRE , Please read through :

When you register with FAIRE, you will be asked about your approximate annual turnover at the beginning. This is to give you a deferred payment of your bills.

After your registration you can already order directly, but this will not be passed on to us until you are verified. This does not happen automatically. It is best to click on this verification link after registration:

If you cannot upload your business license here, please send it to With your registered email address

Please give at the verification NOT That you only own a home studio. And don't click on your own use! Since it is a wholesale platform (tips below) it will not otherwise be accepted due to the current international corona situation.

Pure social media and Amazon sellers are not approved.
Only shops that are found on Google (create your My Business on Google), mobile boutiques, trade fair sellers, manufacturers process the products, e.g. Nail Modelages, Press-On Nails, Nail Accessories, Jewelry, File Resellers, Disinfectants, Nail Oils, Hand Cream, etc.

In order for your verification to be approved, it is helpful that you include your website links (Instagram, Facebook and Google) + send me your business license.

Faire wants a photo of your shop showing your company logo. Ideally in front of the house.
If you do not have an entrance sign, you can also print out a A4 sheet and hang it on the entrance door.

Once you are verified, we will receive your order and you will receive a confirmation email.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you with the verification process.

* Discount promotion is up to 30. June 2022 valid.

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