What is fiberglass gel?


In nail salons you can almost only find fiberglass gel. It's becoming increasingly popular. But here, too, you should look out for "real" fiberglass gel and it's definitely not ideal for every nail. Here I tell you why this is so.

You have certainly asked yourself the following questions:

  • What is the advantage of fiberglass gel over other build-up gels?

  • For which customers is an application advisable?

  • What is it about the "MAGICALLY fiberglass gel" Series especially?

What actually is fiberglass gel?

A fiberglass gel is a build-up or model agegel that is added to the smallest glass fibers during production. These fibers have been shown to reinforce the gel framework of the artificial fingernail. After hardening, a nail modeled with fiberglass gel achieves a hardness that is otherwise only known from acrylic nails. But caution is still required. There are also products on the market that the manufacturer calls "fiberglass gel" but actually contain no fibers. For this reason, it is advisable to ask the supplier before buying a new product whether the fiberglass gel is actually a fiber-reinforced product. All fiberglass gels from our range are of course fiber reinforced.

Who do I apply fiberglass gel to?

Even if you can model very thin and shatterproof nails with fiberglass gel, the use of a fiber-reinforced modeling product does not always make sense. Therefore it is for the nail designer or It is important for the nail stylist to do a precise analysis beforehand in order to then decide for or against the use of the fiberglass gel.

Reasons that speak in favor of a modeling with fiberglass gel:

  • For customers with a nail column

  • Extensions via tip or stencil, especially in the case of shapes with a highly pronounced tunnel (e. g. New Style)

  • Customers with stable and hard natural nails

  • Customers with heavily strained nails

  • Nails to be pinched

What is special about the "MAGICALLY fiberglass gel" series?

The fiberglass particles incorporated into the "MAGICALLY fiberglass gel" create an extremely stable and hard-wearing, fiber-reinforced model age after hardening.

Special features:

  • 5ml / 15ml crucible for private customers

  • 30ml / 50ml / 250ml for commercial customers

  • Fiberglass gel * Clear * is also applicable as 1-phase gel

  • Medium viscosity

  • Easy and fast processing

  • Can be applied thin

  • Does not run into the edges

  • No, until low heat development

  • When applied very generously, there is a slight development of heat, so it is better to work in several thin layers.

  • Self-leveling-it pulls smoothly by itself

  • No yellowing

  • Can be polished to high gloss

  • Pinchbar and suitable for stencil extensions

  • Baby Boomer Fiberglass Collection Available

As of September 26, 2022

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  • Anna Mela

    Danke für die Info. Werd jetzt aufjedenfall erstmal euer Fiberglasgel kaufen.

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